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These days, customers expect local delivery. But many neighborhood businesses either lack the resources to deliver at scale, or get queasy at the thought of giving up control to third party services and their hefty commissions.

That's where we come in. The Regular Express empowers businesses as well as regular people with an on-demand network of hyperlocally crowdsourced couriers to help get stuff from point A to B affordably, efficiently & safely.
Proudly launched in East Los Angeles
How it works for business
Customer places an order
Inside the store or over the phone, a customer can place an order. The business asks "For pickup or delivery?" The customer says delivery.
Store collects details
The store asks customer for payment info, and notifies customer that there will be a delivery fee charged by RegularX, a partner delivery service. The store asks customer for address as well as contact phone number.

a) If it's a bank card transaction over the phone, the delivery fee will be attached to the customer's bill and will by charged by the store. (The store will transfer this delivery fee over to RegularX at the end of the week.)

b) If it's a cash transaction, there are two options. If the transaction is under $20, the RegularX driver can pay the store directly for the goods, and then charge the customer for the item plus delivery fee upon arrival. Otherwise, the driver can pick up cash plus delivery fee from the customer, and return exact change back to the store.
Store notifies RegularX
When it's time for delivery, the store notifies RegularX with the customer details via the app or text. RegularX driver shows up within 10-15 minutes.
RegularX delivers the item
RegularX driver picks up the goods and delivers them to the customer. Upon delivery, customer must sign the receipt or bill, and a digital photo must be shared via phone by the driver to confirm the transaction. Any tips are encouraged, and the driver gets to keep all of them.
Store pays RegularX
For every delivery, the store pays RegularX a small fee. In additional, the store must transfers over any of the delivery fees that were charged to the customer via credit card. At the end of each week, the store pays RegularX the total amount.
costs for sender and receiver
Regular ITEMS
— within 4 miles
— each additional mile costs $0.50 for receiver
— examples: food delivery, breads, tools, files
— sender pays $1.50 or 5% of transaction fee

Cost per delivery for recipient
Special ITEMS
— within 4 miles
— each additional mile costs $0.75 for receiver
— examples: flowers, cakes, art, glass, heavy/big items
— sender pays $2.50 or 5% of transaction fee
Cost per delivery for recipient
— within 4 miles
— each additional mile costs $1.00
— includes setup on location (10min. max)
— sender pays $10.00 OR 5% of transaction (the higher $)
Cost per delivery for recipient

About RegularX
The Regular Express (i.e. RegularX) is a project that grew out of The Regulars.

Our mission at The Regulars is to strengthen local economies by empowering neighborhood businesses with tools to can help them grow their regular customer base. For all businesses, regular, repeat customers represent 20% of customers, yet account for 80% of revenue. More Regulars means more revenue. And more revenue leads to more economic stability.

We believe that adding the engine of delivery to local businesses can help them create more Regulars. This economic boost can ultimately lead to more employment opportunities, and an overall stronger neighborhood economy. Join us in our mission!

Photo: Pham and Anna, owners @Texas Donuts on Whittier and Ford Blvds. in East Los Angeles

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