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Now serving Whittier, Olympic, and Atlantic Blvds. in East LA.

Save tons of money & time. Eat well. And support the hyperlocal economy.
How it works
Subscribe weekly
You, along with hundreds of other business owners, office workers, and residents in the neighborhood can join us and subscribe for for five healthy, delivered lunches (one for every workday). Don't need that many? No problem. Subscribe for four, three, or even two lunches per week, and our local team brings lunch straight to your door.

As a group, we order "in bulk" from one nearby restaurant per day. Due to the large order volume, the restaurant is able to offer unbeatable pricing. We transfer the savings over to you, and also handle delivery!

We send you the weekly menu on the Thursday of the week before, and you let us know what you want in advance for the following week.
Utter Convenience
Lunch gets delivered to your office or home at your lunch hour. To ensure optimal communication, we provide you the contact cellphone number of the locally-based delivery person (or team) assigned to your block. We are currently operating on Whittier and Olympic Boulevards (east of the 710 Freeway), as well as Atlantic Boulevard, in East Los Angeles.
So much more than lunch...
Included in the lunch box is much more than just food. Each box comes with time-sensitive offers from hyperlocal establishments which are mostly within walking distance. La Lonchera Regular is a vehicle to promote local economic growth, and you're a central part of it!