At RegularX, safety of your product and timeliness of delivery are of utmost importance. If the answers below do not cover all of your concerns, feel free to reach out to us at info@theregulars.com
How quickly do your drivers show up?
Our drivers typically show up within 5 to 15 minutes. If you are waiting longer than expected, please feel free to text or call 213-471-0243 for immediate assistance.
How reliable are your drivers?
All of our drivers are personally vetted by RegularX, as they have reliably delivered for us in the past. Additionally, most of our drivers have already gone through the rigorous background checks of other transporation services for which they have worked.
What happens if my product gets damaged en route?
Initially, RegularX does not handle super-delicate items, nor items with a value of more than $500. We carry Courier's Insurance as well as Public Liability Insurance on behalf of our drivers to make sure that any damages within this dollar amount are covered while your goods are being transported en route.
What happens if my product gets stolen?
See above.
Is there a contract?
There is no contract for working with RegularX. You can request to work with us on a case-by-case basis, as the need arises for you to transfer items from point A to point B.
How do refunds or cancellations work?
As may be the case, delivery requests sometimes get cancelled, even after the driver has been called. The cancellation fee is $3.00 if a driver has already been requested for more than five minutes. If the recipient no longer wants the product upon delivery, and wishes sends it back to the sender, it is not the responsibility of the driver to deliver it back. The sender will need to request this as an additional service, and pay for it as if it were a new delivery.
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