Why does The Regulars exist?
To help content creators build stability within the noisy, disorganized, time-sucking world of social media. We do this by providing them with a safe, semi-private messaging space to organize their communication into messaging channels.
Who specifically is The Regulars designed for?
A content creator (individual or group) with "regular" followers, looking to build a community around his or her multidisciplinary interests and skills. The content creator's audience may be as few as 5 Regulars. It may be 500,000 Regulars. Content creators may be thought leaders experts, educators, artists, activists, media professionals, writers, etc.
How will The Regulars make a difference in my life?
We make technology work for you, rather than the other way around. The Regulars helps you organize your communicatio while collaborating with others.
What is the difference between a broadcaster and a Regular?
  • A broadcaster creates content for his or her Regulars. All users automatically become broadcasters upon registering for The Regulars.

  • A Regular is an opt-in follower who consumes content from a broadcaster. Users automatically become Regulars when they decides to follow any of a broadcaster's channels.
Does The Regulars enable social media integrations?
Not yet, but coming soon.
Does The Regulars itself have a profile?
Yes, The Regulars has a profile with several channels for all users to interact with us, as well as with one another. Once you register, you automatically become a Regular on The Regulars profile. You may ask us any further questions within our channels
How does The Regulars identify and prevent spam + abuse?
The Regulars management is constantly on the lookout for activity that demonstrates reckless behavior, and also relies on its community of users, who can report questionable activities (e.g. spam, abusive commentary) to our #report_user channel on The Regulars profile (@theregulars). Users may also email us directly at info@theregulars.com for any additional questions or concerns regarding spam or abuse.
Subscribing to a Channel:
How do I subscribe to a broadcaster's channel?
Once you have arrived at a broadcaster's profile, click on the top right-hand corner where you see the "#" icon. Tapping on this icon will take you to the broadcaster's list of channels. Once you click on a channel, you will arrive that the channel's profile screen. Here, you can elect to become a "Regular" of the channel. Becoming a Regular means you will henceforth get updates from that channel.
Is there a limit to how many channels I can subscribe to?
No limit.
Can I rate a broadcaster? Can a broadcaster rate me?
Not yet. We are still experimenting with this feature.
How do I become a broadcaster?
All users are broadcasters on day one. You may create channels directly from your profile. Tap the "#" icon on the top right hand corner of your profile to see your channel list. From there you can create channels, edit channels, and delete channels. Each of your channels can build an audience of "Regular" followers.
How do I invite people to become my Regulars?
You can press "Invite Friends" on your profile, and from there, invite as many friends as you want. They will receive an invitation code linked to your profile. Once they download the app, and enter your code, they can register, search for your profile, and become your Regular.
How many channels should I create?
You can create unlimited channels.
What should I name my channels?
It depends on what kind of content you want to share on each of those channels. Some popular channels we have seen are #behind_the_scenes, #sneak_previews, #QA (or #liveQA), #daily_insights, #methods, etc. If you want to create channels for multiple topics associated with your interests or skills, your channels may reflect those. For example, if you are a language teacher, you may have channels for #idioms, #verbs, #irregular_declensions, #slang, etc. If you are a fitness trainer, your channels may be named #legs, #cardio, #protein_intake, #QA, #daily_challenge, and more.
How often should I create content?
That's up to you. When you create channels, you can specify what type of content will be shared, and how often, with your Regulars. It's also a good strategy to ask your Regulars themselves how often they expect 1) new content, and 2) the ability to engage with you directly.